Pusha T has been quiet the past few months, and hopefully it's because he's hard at work on his sophomore album (or, better yet, a surprise Clipse EP). King Push can't stay silent, though. He resurfaces to collaborate with Montreal electronic producer Tiga for 'Bugatti.'

The terse notes and space is somewhat similar to 'My Name Is My Name' highlight 'Suicide,' but 'Bugatti' is what you get if you de-emphasize the bass and increase the weirdness.

Although Pusha T works off a more traditional view of rap, his beat selection has usually been anything but. They have this metallic gleam like 'Bugatti,' so Push doesn't sound too far off here. Drug slingin' rap is versatile. "Million dollar dreamers that comes with being genius / All that comes between us is that I'm Mars, she Venus / I be with them dealers that's twistin' up they fingers / Sellin' all that white girl and buyin' bitches Beamers," he raps.

It doesn't look like Pusha T's sophomore album is dropping this year, but Tiga does have a new project dropping, which arrives Nov. 7.

Listen to DJ Tiga's 'Bugatti' Feat. Pusha T