Six years have passed since DJ Quik released his last solo album, 'Trauma.' The Compton, Calif. native is back and he's making a ballsy comeback. Quik, born David Martin Blake, will release his ninth studio effort, 'The Book of David,' on April 20 -- the same day Dr. Dre's long-awaited comeback album, 'Detox,' finally sees the light of day.

Quik hasn't exactly been quiet these last six years. In 2009, he released 'BlaQKout' -- a joint album with Kurupt -- and in 2007 he teamed with fellow Compton native AMG for a one-off album under the guise of The Fixxers. With collaborations like that, it's no surprise that the guest list on Quik's new album isn't short. Kurupt shows up again, along with Bun B, Ice Cube, Dwele, Suga Free, Jon B and Bizzy Bone.

Quik assures his fans that despite the wait, 'The Book of David' is "sonically amazing." On his Twitter page Quik vouched that it was a return to the "original me." That last sentiment rings true on the album's lead single, 'Luv of My Life.' The song features newcomer Gift Reynolds and sports a throwback Cali beat that takes you back to the days when Compton rappers ruled the hip-hop game. Spin the track via Rap Radar.

"The whole idea behind this project was not just to make another rap album," DJ Quik said in a statement. "I wanted to focus on the overall musical performance process ... not just the rapping part. It's a smart album, it's everything I wanted it to be."

Watch DJ Quik's 'Quik is the Name'
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