DJ Premier doesn’t have a problem with Lil Uzi Vert, and he let people know that himself on Twitter.

If you haven’t heard by now, Ab Soul seemed to send the Philly rapper a shot for refusing to rap over one of the legendary producer’s beats a while ago. “All these new ‘Lil’ n----- is weak as the time it took to create earth,” wrote the Black Hippy member. “We don’t pass on Primo beats in this sport, kids.”

Evidently, Uzi Vert contacted the former Gang Starr member to smooth things over, but it’s not clear when that conversation took place.

“Shout to the Lil homie @LilUziVert for reaching out to me directly,” wrote Primo. “Dope things were said, and I respect that. We all good. Salute.”

Surely, having disagreements in hip-hop among the older and younger generation is nothing new, but with so many active rappers and producers in their 30s and 40s these days, combined with brand new talent like Vert emerging, they’re bound to not only continue but intensify.

For example, Pete Rock called out Young Dolph last week for rapping about cocaine in front of a child, which seemed to spark these kinds of hip-hop debates.

“What dat fool say?” wrote the Mecca and the Soul Brother co-creator. "Lil kid right there chillin. Cocaine running through his veins. This kinda sh-- has got to stop. We gotta raise children better than this.”

From here, we’ll have to see if these conversations among the hip-hop generations continue, particularly between Ab Soul and Vert. There’s also a chance that others will chime in and choose one side or the other.

By the looks of it, however, the "You Was Right" spitter doesn’t want to continue the spat with Soulo. At least based on this tweet: “I love everybody no matter what,” he wrote.

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