Late Saturday evening (Sept. 20), DJ Mustard served as host for the Atlanta stop of the Brisk Bodega event series. The show at the long-revered Tabernacle put the L.A.-based producer in the spotlight and found a few of his DJ peers on the wheels in addition to a few notable surprises. Newcomers Que and OG Maco both made appearances in front of a packed house and A-Town rap veteran T.I. couldn’t resist hitting the stage to perform his current firestarter ‘About the Money.’

Mustard’s latest work with Big Sean on his new song 'I Don’t F--- With You’ has him sharing production credits with a few other big names including Kanye West, DJ Dahi and Key Wane. Does the ‘My Hitta’ creator mind the split credit? “Nah, not at all,” he tells The Boombox. “I’m all about making big records. So if it takes 20 people to make a hit record or if it takes 10... Sometimes it only takes one but whatever is gonna make the record sound better than it did, I’m down for it.”

He had created the entire beat before the rest of the team added to it. “I actually had done the whole beat already,” Mustard explains. “The beat was pretty much done. I guess Kanye came in with a beat at the end and he did his ‘Kanye thing’ to it, to make it bigger than what it was and we just really came out...”

“Well,” he pauses. “Dah[i] was on it, Key Wane added a sample to it and it came out as a really good record.”

The track isn’t the last that fans will be hearing from him and Big Sean. He's collaborating with the Detroit rapper on his forthcoming LP, although he remains tight-lipped on the specifics. “I got like three more on Big Sean’s album but nah, I can’t give no details.”

As far as his work schedule goes, the 2014 BET Hip Hop Awards Producer of the Year winner is busy in the studio with new artists. There are a few up-and-comers out of California to pay attention to, according to Mustard. “Royce is the first artist signed to my record deal,” he says. “And then RJ who’s another one of the hottest guys coming out of L.A. right now. So just expect to hear from him really soon.”

Beyond working on catapulting the careers of newbies, Mustard has a full plate of work ahead of him over the next year or so, beginning work of Ty Dolla Sign’s next album as well as YG’s follow-up to the uber-successful ‘My Krazy Life.’

When asked about the difficulty of maintaining a working relationship with YG, a longtime friend, Mustard responds, “It’s not hard at all. It’s really just about keeping the chemistry and really just staying focused and really just listening to each other.”

Listen to Big Sean's ‘I Don’t F--- With You’ Feat. E-40