It's been said that one can't have their cake and eat it too. DJ Kiss is indulging in every bite. The Baton Rouge native didn't set out on a mission to spin for some of the biggest celebrities of this generation; things just sort of ended up that way. After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in mass communications, she opened herself up to new opportunities.

"I originally moved to NYC to begin working in public relations," Kiss tells The BoomBox. "DJing kind of fell in my lap along the way, but I've always loved music, so it worked out for the best!"

In 2005, she met her husband, DJ M.O.S., who gave her technical pointers on spinning, unknowingly birthing her career.

Before touching the turntables, Kiss had dreams of becoming a television personality, and although it didn't transpire the way she thought it would, she still wound up achieving that goal, offering her musical insight over the airwaves. She appears regularly on VH1 and MTV and has even given Hoda Kotb a spin lesson on NBC's 'Today Show.'

But it was a recent event that prodded Kiss to put things in perspective. "I DJed on 'Good Morning America' for their pre-Oscar and post-Oscar shows in LA," she says excitedly. "I think at that point, I kind of realized that this was a level I had not ever imagined I would ever be at."

Whether on camera or in a club, Kiss admits that deejaying isn't always as easy as it seems.

"The worst deejaying experiences are usually when the equipment doesn't work for some reason, like your headphones break mid-set, or the mixer bleeds," she says. "I've even had to DJ with only one turntable before. Those situations always make for a long night."

As with anything, though, for every rough instance there's one to encourage a smile.

"It's always hilarious to me when a super masculine guy comes up and requests something totally girly like Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' or Justin Bieber's 'Baby,'" she says.

When Kiss isn't rocking international parties or spinning exclusively for people like Diddy or Naomi Campbell, she busies herself blogging for her style and fashion site,, which she launched in January. More than anything though, Kiss likes to live the simple life with her hubby. The two have hectic work itineraries, but they like to spend precious moments together whenever they can.

"I love spending time with my husband," she says. "When we're both off together, we love to cook and travel."

One could say that DJ Kiss has had a charmed career so far, but she wouldn't necessarily agree that it's all been luck. She works diligently, practicing her craft almost daily. At any given time, she's taking calls, meetings or cross-country flights. Kiss understands that she's living a dream right now, and her focus is on using it to open as many doors as possible. After all, she has more dreams to chase after conquering this one.

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1. 'In Da Club,' 50 Cent

2. 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,' Busta Rhymes

3. 'PSA (Public Service Announcement),' Jay-Z

4. 'Good Life,' Kanye West feat. T-Pain

5. 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough,' Michael Jackson

Top Five Records of the Moment

1. 'Love On Top,' Beyonce

2. 'The Motto,' Drake feat. Lil Wayne

3. 'Rack City,' Tyga

4. 'Thank You,' Estelle

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