There’s no question that DJ Khaled is the Snapchat king. The rapper-producer has been doling out his “keys” to success to an estimated two million people on the popular video service. But the Miami resident is about to take his Snapchat channel to another level, if he gets it his way.

In an interview with the New York Post, Khaled revealed that he hopes to Snapchat his fiancée’s birth later this year. Now we don’t know if sharing an actual baby birth violates the app’s terms of service agreement, but it's certainly unprecedented. Understandably, his fiancee, Nicole Turk, is not too fond of the idea.

“She knows I want to do it. If the doctors say the coast is clear, I’m going for it,” he tells the newspaper. “She may not have a choice! She’s probably going to be screaming and cursing me out anyway. You know how it goes. But she got love - she knows I’m special.”

Elsewhere, the We the Best CEO talks about his upcoming album, Major Key. The collection boasts a star-studded track list of just about every rapper in the rap industry. Khaled said some of the artists don’t do guest features but his tenacity helped secured some big names for his project.

“Some of these people don’t even do features. I was supposed to give up, but I didn’t,” he stated. “I refused to turn the album in until these vocals were done. I didn’t just give the fans one or two hits for the summer, I wanted an album full of hits.

DJ Khaled’s Major Key will arrive on Friday (July 29).

What do you think of DJ Khaled hoping to Snapchat his fiancee’s birth? Is he crazy or a marketing genius? Tell us in the comments below.