Fancy cars, a lot of cash floating around and a nighttime gathering at a strip club - those three things and more make up the video for DJ Esco's "Check on Me," featuring Future and Fabolous.

At the start of the Eif Rivera-directed clip, Esco gets the excitement going by displaying some energetic dancing, before leaping into a convertible with a couple of gorgeous ladies. The visual also shows the time of day it's supposed to be, as the camera clocks the Esco Terrestrial creator's partying around New York.

Future plays the background in the video and lets the famed DJ have most of the fun. The Atlanta rhymer also dresses down a bit, wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a red plaid jacket.

Then at the 3AM mark of the clip, Fabo makes an appearance, rocking a pricey looking yellow coat and a white bandanna, while delivering his signature punchlines. Clearly, the Brooklyn spitter hasn't lost a step as he delivers rhymes while being surrounded by a bevy of strippers.

You can watch DJ Esco's "Check on Me" video above.