Philadelphia native DJ Drama has dropped his latest jam with the assistance of J. Cole and Chris Brown. The track, 'Undercover,' just might be this season's new hook-up anthem and it's not shying away from explicit imagery. Of course, Breezy chimes in right away, bragging of his sexual prowess as to be expected.

Now the chorus is highly suspect albeit catchy: "Where we going, nobody has to know about you... Ain't nobody gonna see you..." Why doesn't he want any witnesses? Hmm. If you're keeping something on the hush hush, proceed to the jam. Shh, better put your headphones on though.

The song will be available on DJ Drama's newest album, 'Third Power,' being released next Tuesday (Oct. 11) and available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Listen to DJ Drama's 'Undercover' Featuring J. Cole and Chris Brown

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