Rapper Darnell "King Tut" Brittingham committed suicide yesterday, following a showdown with authorities. Brittingham, who is associated with the Harlem based Dipset rap entourage, took his life during a confrontation with police.

Departed Music Personalities

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    Hank Locklin, March 8: For half a century, the Grand Ole Opry star masterfully fused the Honky Tonk and Nashville sounds, making timeless hits like 'Please Help Me I'm Falling' and 'Send Me the Pillow You Dream On.' Locklin died at his home in Alabama of undisclosed causes. He was 91.

    Frank Driggs Collection / Getty Images

    Randy Bewley, Feb. 25: The Pylon guitarist suffered a heart attack while driving. His Athens, GA band inspired many others, including R.E.M., with their distinctive, danceable pop sound.

    Chris McKay, Retna

    Kelly Groucutt, Feb. 19: He provided the bass end to classic ELO hits such as 'Mr. Blue Sky,' 'Do Ya' and 'Livin' Thing.' Groucutt died after having a heart attack, his management confirmed. He was 63.

    Fin Costello, Getty Images

    Louie Bellson, Feb. 14: The American big band drummer, composer and bandleader was 84.

    Evans / Three Lions / Getty Images

    Estelle Bennett, Feb. 11: With her sister Ronnie, left, and cousin Nedra Talley, right, Bennett sang '60s classics like 'Baby, I Love You' and 'Be My Baby' with the legendary Ronettes. She was found dead in her New Jersey home of undetermined causes. She was 67.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    Orlando "Cachaito" Lopez, Feb. 9: The "heartbeat" of Cuba's legendary Buena Vista Social Club, a group of semi-retired musicians living in Havana made famous thanks to the work of producer Ry Cooder, died of complications from prostate surgery. He was 76.

    Jose Luis Magana, AP

    Molly Bee, Feb. 7: The yodeling country singer shot to fame with the 1952 novelty hit 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus' and later became a familiar face on TV's 'Hometown Jamboree' and 'The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show.' Bee died in California from complications following a stroke at age 69.


    Lux Interior, Feb. 4: The frontman of the legendary punk band the Cramps passed away due to a pre-existing heart condition.

    Dave Allocca, Getty Images

    Dewey Martin, Jan. 31: The drummer for the short-lived country rock pioneers Buffalo Springfield was found dead in Van Nuys, Calif. The cause of death is unknown. Martin added the backdrop to early hits penned by bandmates Neil Young ('Mr. Soul') and Stephen Stills ('For What It's Worth'). He was 68.

    Getty Images

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title:['Recently Departed Music Stars'],
credit:['Courtesy of MySpace.com'],
source:['Courtesy of MySpace.com'],
caption:['Rapper Darnell "King Tut" Brittingham, March 18, 2009: The rapper most notable for his association with Harlem hip-hop group Dipset took his own life during a confrontation with police. He was 23.'],

According to reports Brittingham, 23, shot himself in the head while in a taxicab as officers approached him in Greenburgh, New York. Police later pulled the cab over. Lt. Chris McNerney ordered everyone out of the vehicle and although the woman and the driver complied, Brittingham refused and shot himself. "He knew we were going to arrest him and he decided he wasn't going to go to jail," said Greenburgh police chief John Kapica.

Brittingham had been on the run from police since early February and was found when a cell phone trace pinpointed his location at a Greenburgh motel. Officers staked out the building and saw Brittingham and a woman enter a taxi earlier in the day.

This tragic event brought to end on-going legal trouble for Brittingham. He was arrested under drug possession charges on Feb. 11, after police searched his vehicle finding marijuana and cocaine stuffed in a teddy bear. The New Jersey native was arrested and subsequently released on $25,000 bail. One day later police were trailing him again after he allegedly stabbed his girlfriend seven times before going into hiding.