Diplo and Gucci Man

Atlanta club king Gucci Mane has released plenty of mixtapes in his career. The frequently incarcerated rapper recently dropped his epic three-part 'Cold War' mixtape series, which featured titles like 'Brrritain,' and 'BurrRussia,' yet his newest pairing with hipster producer/DJ Diplo, is drawing attention from all kinds of unlikely places.

Diplo, best known for breaking and producing for M.I.A., will be remixing the 'Cold War' tapes, with assistance from some equally left-field artists, namely Flying Lotus, Zomby, Memory Tapes, Brodinsky, Bird Peterson and more.

"Gucci Mane is an underdog and a divisive artist," Diplo said. "I thought it would be cool to have a bunch of kids and weirdos do some mixes of his songs; we all are fans and we are from different scenes. Gucci is a rapper that doesn't try and be anything he is not; he's straight up. Maybe it's ironic and all, but I'm just a fan and have been since day one. Gucci Mane is the cool uncle I never had even though I'm pretty sure I am older than him."

Also, while Gucci is currently serving 12 months for a recent probation violation, Diplo's label, Mad Decent Records, has released a "Free Gucci" t-shirt. Diplo's remix of Gucci's 'Danger's Not a Stranger,' which pits Gucci against Mariah Carey's 'Can't Let Go,' is available for download here. It's kinda dope. The mixtape is said to be dropping on Dec. 22.