Little Diggy Simmons must have made his dad -- former Run-DMC frontman, Rev Run -- proud this week when he inked his first deal with Atlantic Records. The 15-year-old released his debut mixtape, 'The First Flight,' in December 2009, but attracted some major label attention when he dropped a recent freestyle over Nas' 'Made You Look.'

Diggy filmed a video for the track, titled 'Flow Stupid,' which quickly made the Internet rounds, gaining him a whole new arena of fans. The viral video cemented the fact that little Diggy could hold down a beat and soon enough, record labels came calling. On Monday (March 22), Diggy made a stop at the Atlantic Records offices in New York City, where his older sister Angela Simmons snapped a picture of the tween signing his name on the dotted line. The underaged, aspiring MC immediately took to Twitter, to share the experience with his fans. "Taking a tour of the Atlantic offices...This is real surreal right now, its official!," he wrote. "Real, thankful just taken it all in!"

JoJo Simmons, who recently released his own mixtape, also took to Twitter to support his little brother's new deal. "Diggy is goon take over and I'm there to support him! Family don't compete with each other we completely each other," he wrote.

Check out Diggy's 'Flow Stupid' after the jump.