It looks like Diddy's forthcoming album 'Last Train to Paris' has come to another delay. While Diddy's last solo album, 2006's 'Press Play,' spawned multiple hit records such as 'Last Night' feat. Keyshia Cole, the pressure for perfection has postponed its follow-up multiple times.

Originally the album was scheduled for a September '09 release date with the songs rumored to be heavy on Auto-Tune. But with Jay-Z releasing his 'D.O.A (Death of Auto-Tune' record prior to Diddy's digital opus, the tides in hip-hop have changed for the better. Suddenly, rappers were going back to ... well, rapping again. Many were left to wonder if Hov really had an influence on Diddy's multiple push backs. The Chicago Tribune got a hold of Mr. Combs who shed some light on the album's current status.

"I don't know the exact month," Diddy said about the release date. "We're going to have it come out when it's ready. We're bringing everything together, editing it down. We did 60 songs. Also, we're figuring out what's missing."

With Combs nonchalantly hanging in the limelight with his newest group venture, Dirty Money, who currently have two hit records in steady rotation across radio stations nationwide, it doesn't seem like Diddy is any rush to release an album that isn't up to date with hip-hop's current climate. Combs also recently broke a Home Shopping Network record by completely selling out of his I Am King cologne in 15 minutes. Diddy may have never been much of a rhyme writer, but he's still the king.