In this week's round-up of the Top Five Tweets we take a look at the celebrity reactions to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Diddy says Chelsea Handler is sexy, Nick Cannon fires back at Handler for dissin' him during the VMAs, and Keyshia Cole grows sensitive to never being invited to perform at the VMAs. After taking a ride on Rick Ross' lap during the awards show Handler now thinks she'll end up with a black man and warns 50 Cent. 50, in turn, joked about a possible hook-up with her in L.A. We also included two bonus tweets we just couldn't leave off the list this week from Kanye West and DJ/producer DJ Scratch.

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1. @iamdiddy (Sean "Diddy" Combs): Is it me or is there something Sexy about Chelsea Handler? In a white woman divorced 2 years ago living next door kinda way? LOL

2. @NickCannon (Nick Cannon): So excited! Today is my first day of Preschool and we are going on a fieldtrip to see the world's ugliest woman @ChelseaHandler

3. @keyshiacole (Keyshia Cole): GM ladies and gents...I hope your day goes great......Just wanted to set the record straight on something this AM.....For the record, I am not upset about not ever performing at the VMA's at all. I have been very successful without being a MTV artist...LOL

4. @chelseahandler: Watch yourself @50Cent. I'm going to end up with a black guy. It's what God wants.

5. @50Cent (50 Cent): I'm flying to LA I'm a have diner at Chelsea's tonight. Don't hate. I really like her I don't know how this happened. Then I'm a have breakfast at Chelsea's I mean I'm a have Chelsea for breakfast. Then if I'm still hungry I'm a have to snack on some more Chelesa, lol.


@DJScratch (DJ Scratch): Dear Media: Please stop calling Lindsey Lohan "LL." It's disrespectful to give a crackhead a knick name of a Icon.

@kanyewest (Kanye West): You basically can say anything to someone on email or text as long as you put LOL at the end.