Diddy When you're a well-connected man about town like Mr. Sean Combs, keeping your fans savvy to what's hot is simply a small public service gesture. As a supplement to his October cover feature in Blackbook, Diddy teamed up with the nightlife-based magazine to launch 'Diddy's Blackbook,' -- a Sean Combs-approved version of Blackbook's popular nightlife guide, which cover cities spanning from New York to Paris. The guide, which can be downloaded for free on iTunes, features Diddy's current handpicked hot spots.

Comb's decision to collaborate with Blackbook on their popular iPhone application was a natural move given his fervor for social media and technology driven endeavors these days. In an unpublished excerpt from his interview with Blackbook, Diddy weighed in on his passion for social networking site Twitter. "With Twitter, I was able to cut out the middle man and control what I was saying," Diddy said. "Twitter is crazy! You've got to walk that balance so you don't lose your mysteriousness-you can't give it all to them-but at the same time, it's important to have that community at the touch of your finger."

The Bad Boy CEO, who recently announced his decision to relocate to Interscope Records, praised the site for being the perfect outlet for damage control. "I could wake up and read something on Page Six or US Weekly about me that's not true. With Twitter, you're able to set it straight, to speak to your fans directly and even get something out quicker," he said. People will quote what you said on your Twitter page quicker than they'll quote a press release."

Catch Diddy's full interview in Blackbook's October issue, on newsstands now.