Diddy recently said that he refuses to take sides between Nicki Minaj, whom he currently works with, and Lil' Kim, his old Brooklyn running partner. "I wouldn't be around Nicki if I ever heard [something] negative about Kim. I've never heard nothing like that," Dids explained. "Right now, Nicki Minaj? That's who my artist is. That's who I consult. That's who I do business with. I no longer do business with Kim on that level, but Kim will always have a special place in my heart." [Flex]

In the latest issue of Respect, Waka Flocka discussed getting shot during a botched robbery attempt. "The jewels, the money, whatever. I don't know what robbed me. I thought a dog robbed me, a donkey or some s--t. Whatever it was, they just pulled an item out, I don't know if it's a paper gun, a real gun. I know it's real 'cause I felt the bullet. But I thought it was fake. I knew I had to fight like, Let me try to take this s--t, maybe you don't know what you're doing with that. Yeah, so it ain't like I got stripped, like I snatched the chain off. I took it off to use in defense, so when you reach for one of these items the wrong way, I'm-a grab your hand. And that's what happened, I grabbed him. They was trying to run, but I grabbed 'em back. They turned around, without looking just shot. In the force of me tryin' to punch, and the force of him -- the bullet went up, busted my shoulder blade, busted the ribs, hit my lungs, almost cracked the bone in the back. The doctor said, "He got shot five times with one bullet." It was like 13 or 14 tubes in my body. I was f--ked up. They was talking, "He paralyzed," all kinds of s--t. But it's all good." Sounds all good. [RapRadar]