DJ EnuffHot 97's DJ Enuff recently wrote a blog post discussing his reluctance to play New Orleans MC Jay Electronica's new song 'Exhibit C' on the radio, which galvanized Jay Elect fans into a big time show of support.

Blogs, Web sites, Twitter lovers/haters alike chimed in about Enuff's post, where he questioned an artist as talented/popular as Jay Electronica not receiving air play from a DJ like himself.

"People have been commenting like crazy I must of struck some cord," he wrote on Dec. 28. "I know my role and position. But at times it isn't wrong to ask for a lil' help or advice. You must at all times respect your power. I rarely would ask you the people for help because the answers can be so different from one another ... I would love to have a one on one with J Electronica....To Be Continued."

Among Jay's supporters was industry mogul Diddy, who plugged him up in the past via Twitter. "Attention all DJs. Attention all DJs. I'm about to post one of the hottest, most authentic hip-hop records of 2010!!!" Diddy tweeted.

"This is a record I will be promotin' in 2010. My brother Jay Electronica -- Exhibit C, it deserves to be [played] on the radio! ... Jay Electronica will be the breakout MC of 2010!!!! Real hip-hop!!! Artistic hip-hop that's saying something!!" Diddy said.

Thanks to the overwhelming show of support, DJ Enuff finally played 'Exhibit C' on his show, making it a Hot 97 Heavy Hitter Pick of the Week. "I'm still just taking it all in," Jay Electronica said of the track's newfound recognition. "I'm just learning as I go man, I'm just learning as I go. Trying to figure it out as I go."