Diddy recently admitted to being a little "sensitive and emotional" when he heard that his "friend" Jay Electronica had signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation. "I definitely felt a way about it because that's my friend. I was without a doubt just looking at the situation selfishly," Diddy revealed. "I wanted to rock with my friend. But at the same time, I support my friend on what's best for his career and Jay-Z is also one of my best friends in the game. I was a little bit of a sore loser and at the same time just being a little bit sensitive and emotional. But we talked about it. I understood where he was coming from. That's the beauty of our friendship." Kinda think Diddy's using the term "friend" a bit liberally here. [HipHopDX]

Singer Cameron Mersirow, aka Glasser, was perplexed when she was recently asked to DJ parties during New York's Fasion Week. "It's funny now that I'm in a band, people ask me to DJ all the time," Mesirow said. "I absolutely feel like a fake [DJing]. I was like, 'Don't you need credentials for this?'" You're in a band, right? How hard can it be? [Spinner]