Diddy would like to clear up the "off perception" that he jerked any his artists. "There's an off perception that needs to be addressed about me that I have ever robbed somebody or mistreated somebody. Or tried to be ruthless or whatever in this game," he told Vibe. "Like, all this year I've heard people say, 'Where's Carl Thomas, where's Black Rob, where's G.Dep? Where are these artists?' And for some reason they go ahead and equate that, cause those artists aren't with me, that I've done something wrong or malicious or conniving. It's something that I do have a problem with because they don't have no proof that I've ever done nothing like that." Watch those double negatives. Also, 99% of your former artists seem to disagree. [RapRadar]

If you're following Kenny Powers, star of the incredible HBO series 'Eastbound and Down' on Twitter, then there's something you should know. "Kenny Powers is a full-grown man, so he would never Twitter," 'Eastbound' actor Danny McBride revealed. "But Kenny is also a man of the people. He doesn't care if the public feels the need to impersonate him. That just puts him up there with the big dogs like Santa and Elvis. Knowing that it's a very funny committed fan makes us proud." Yes. [NYMag]