Diddy may be one of the more popular artists in the music industry these days, but his celebrity doesn't seem to be drawing out fans to support his movement. The 41-year-old, along with his Dirty Money crew, have been hitting stages all over the country for their Coming Home tour, but when dates were removed from the schedule, rumors began to fly that low tickets sales caused him to nix the shows.

According to Diddy's people, the cancellation of five dates in Florida and Missouri had less to do with ticket sales and more about logistics. "A few dates for the Coming Home tour in Florida and Missouri were canceled due to production and technical logistics which made it impossible for Diddy-Dirty Money to perform the best show for their fans," a rep told TMZ.

Although the rep failed to go into detail regarding the actual issues at hand, the website lists a few reasons ranging from lighting to stage problems as possible hiccups.

Even with a few tour glitches, Diddy and Dirty Money plan on hitting their last three tour stops within the next two weeks. "The remaining shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix are scheduled as planned and will mark the ending to a widely acclaimed tour," the rep continued.

The trio, comprised of Diddy, former Danity Kane singer Dawn Richards and singer Kaleena Harper, released their debut 'Last Train to Paris' in December of 2010. The album surpassed industry expectations selling 101,000 units in its first week. The Coming Home tour wraps up May 10 in Phoenix.

Watch Diddy-Dirty Money's 'Your Love' feat. Trey Songz
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