As Diddy sets up for his 'Last Train to Paris' album, due in stores next month, he's released a mixtape with legendary electro/house music producer/DJ, Felix Da Housecat. The mixtape is entitled 'Lectro Black -- Last Train to Paris,' and can be downloaded free here.

The mixtape features a variety of electro and house music which we'd describe as "playboy" house. "We aint into that commercial crowd pleasin' ass-kissin' DJ, 'throw yo hands in the air, wave em like you just don't care' s---! We want your mind, we want your body, and we came to take your motherf---in' soul!" Diddy screams in the intro to the mixtape.

Diddy has ben promoting the album, saying "I'm ushering in a new movement called 'train music'," and has called the music on the album "electro hip-hop soul funk." The album will feature Diddy's 'Dirty Money' partners Dawn Richard of Danity Kane and singer Kalenna. He also announced plans to release a short film in conjunction with the release of the album.

Diddy's tweets about the mixtape have been extremely worthy of note. "Letro Black is my dance music alter ego!!! Mr. Lectro Black is a bad motherfucker!!! Close your eyes and jump!" he wrote recently.

From the songs we've heard from the album (early!) it's kind of a combination of Kanye's auto-tune stuff and club/dance music, with Diddy rapping and singing, but it's actually kinda dope.