Minutes from Twitter strategy meetings have leaked onto the 'net, revealing that the tech company pays celebrities to use its service.

Twitter's "pay for play" service, as outlined in their minutes, bestows "adviser shares" upon certain Twitter users, to get them to tweet and discuss Twitter more frequently.

Oprah Winfrey, Google honcho Marissa Mayer and Diddy were among the "advisers" listed, with Al Gore and Shaquille O'Neal mentioned as potential candidates.

The minutes spent a lot of time on Diddy's inclusion, and to be fair, Did's Twitter account has certainly brought the company his fair share of users; his Tweets are amazing.

The notes say of Diddy that he "values his contribution higher than we do." They also describe him as being "not so strategic," and suggests that they might try getting them (Diddy is a "them" now?) "to invest which will give us more pull with them when they do things we don't like." They also describe the entertainment mogul as a "distractionary element" for the tech company.

Hopefully this news won't affect Diddy's relationship with the company. We don't know what his 1.5 Million followers would do without seeing "let's go!!!!" pop up in his tweets 15 times a day.