Diddy, the king of partying and "doing it big," has shared his tips on how to have the ultimate New Year's celebration. The list includes advice on what to wear, what to eat, and, of course, Diddy's "oldest and truest" rule: how to "preserve the sexy."

The self-proclaimed "master in the art of celebration" knows how to throw a shindig and his parties, which are known for bringing together the most fabulous folk, all follow the rules he's so kindly shared with us.

"Music should be the soundtrack to the night," Diddy advises. "It should match the theme ... It should match the flow."

The mogul also uses the opportunity to push his new premium vodka, Ciroc, but reminds us to "know your limits and drink responsibly " because, in the words of the wise Diddy, "it's never sexy to be sloppy."