Diddy is dusting off rumors that hip-hop darling Nicki Minaj fired him as her manager.

Earlier this week a suspicious statement from Minaj went viral that alleged the two had a falling out because the Bad Boy CEO babied her when it came to work. Diddy, who also manages Rick Ross, addressed the rumor with Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex.

"With the Nicki thing, that was even something me and her made sure we didn't define or kept a mystery, so I don't go around saying I'm her manager," Diddy explained. "We work together in a certain type of unofficial capacity." Diddy said he was perplexed at how the rumor surfaced and assured that his professional relationship with Minaj was still intact. "We still work together but it's not about going around saying I'm her manager -- she really does a lot of things by herself. And whatever ways I can assist the situation, or whatever that title is, that's what I do. I play my position on the team ... "

Minaj laughed off the apparent hoax that declared her new manager was industry veteran Benny Medina. She tweeted, "Lmao. i've never met benny medina a day in my life. we good on this side."

Diddy further elaborated on his involvement with talent like Ross and Minaj, comparing it to hustling. "I have a lot of knowledge I feel I have to give to artists and a lot of ways I can help their brand go to the next level. It has grown to be not just about me, not just about Bad Boy, but the future brands that are coming up and the future super stars. I feel I have an obligation to help them and I feel there's a way we can get some money together."

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