Though Diddy's still "takes people on a musical journey," he recently conceded that he's a little bit anxious about the "electro" direction his music has taken. "There's definitely nerves. It's nerve-wracking because there's more singing for me," Dids explained. "You have a new concept, and it took people a while to buy into it. I think a lot of times people forget how many hits I've had. I take pride in having hit records that still play in clubs now. I take people on a musical journey, and when we bring that up to date it just gets even more intense." Intense. [NME]

'Jersey Shore' star The Situation may be a bit...aggressive at times, but ladies, he would like you to know that he only does so out of concern for you. "I might be forward, not to be wasting my time or the girl's time," he told MTV. Also, god willing, he would like you to meet his mother, and perhaps make you breakfast. Cause he's a good guy. [MTV]