Diddy recently showed his support for the students of Howard University, by calling for a student body protest over financial aid and housing discrepancies. The hip-hop mogul, who attended Howard before making it big in the entertainment industry, took to his Twitter page to call for action. "NO JUSTICE! NO PEACE!!! Let me know if ya'll need me to come down there ya'll! I got ya'll BACK! Let's go!!!"

Realizing that his tweets may be misinterpreted Diddy reiterated the importance of civil disobedience. "Do what we did and take IT OVER!!!! Let's go! And do it in a peaceful way but DO IT!! ... If your at HU go to the A building now and make sure they feel you!!! And send me updates!!! Let's go!

"Howard Univ. Students I love you! I know I haven't been there enough. But I want to be and I will be! Keep the pressure on!"

The Bad Boy CEO got his start as a party promoter in D.C. while attending Howard. After landing an internship at Uptown Records in New York, he trekked in between the city and the nation's capital, before dropping out to pursue his dreams in the music business.