After Kanye West tried to steal Taylor Swift's VMA moment with his Grinch-tactics on Sunday, the bad karma carried over to the post-VMA festivities. While trying to schmooze his way into an after-party at 1Oak nightclub in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, VMA presenter Sean "Diddy" Combs found himself in a verbal dispute with a security guard on the sidewalk.

The guard apparently struck a wrong chord with Diddy when he ordered the mogul to cut the chatter and move off the sidewalk quickly. Diddy was immediately insulted by his harsh tone and didn't hesitate to let him know it. "Lower your f---ing voice when you're talking to me ... I'm a man just like you," Diddy said.

The guard -- who was not starstruck, or the least bit remorseful about his tone -- decided to make that clear. "I don't give a f--- who you are," he responded. Diddy followed up with another scathing retort, throwing in an extra word for added effect. "I don't give a f--- who you are either mother f---er!"he yelled. The argument continued to heat up until Diddy's crew pulled him away from the dispute and the Bad Boy CEO made his way into the club.

Though Diddy eventually partied his way through the night, he was clearly irritated by the situation, and took a few moments of his time to tweet about it. "I'm gonna say this, we should always have respect for each other! End of discussion," he wrote.