Diddy held his annual Revolt Music Conference in Miami this past weekend and although it was a huge success, the rap mogul had a brief skirmish of sorts during the festivities. According to TMZ, Diddy was very close to putting hands on Lil Wayne.

Apparently, Diddy was hosting his final party for the RMC at LIV nightclub on Sunday night (Oct. 18) when Weezy approached the Bad Boy Records founder in the VIP section. According to sources, when Wayne got too close, Diddy's bodyguards stepped in and wanted to search his crew behind him. The "Believe Me" rapper wasn't feeling that and decided to scrap with security and spilled his drink on one of the bodyguards.

It then escalated into a shoving and yelling match between Diddy's posse and Wayne's crew before both parties walked away. TMZ reports that the Diddster and Tunechi did end up shaking hands and both had a great night partying at the club.

Ironically, LIV nightclub is the same place Diddy reportedly got into a scuffle with Drake over the "0 to 100" beat. As you may recall, Drizzy ended up in the hospital with a disclosed shoulder.

We suggest that Diddy find another club to host his parties or set up a boxing ring every time he's at the venue. We're just saying.

In the meantime, Diddy is set to release his new video for his latest single, "Workin'." The 45-year-old rapper unveiled a sneak peak of the clip on his Instagram account. Watch it below.

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