We've always found Diddy pretty hilarious (hello, post-sex turkey sandwiches and comparing vodka to urine), but now he's finally trying his hand at an actual comedy. In 'Get Him to the Greek,' a new Judd Apatow-produced vehicle and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' spin-off, Diddy plays an insane music mogul for Capitol Records named Sergio.

In a preview scene obtained by MTV Movies Blog, Diddy goes totally nuts chasing actors Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. He careens into a room, smashing a vase over an old man's head before picking up a lump of coal that burns his hand. Hill and Brand ask Diddy if he's alright and then he throws the old man head-first into a television, screaming: "Now this is what the music industry is all about."

Hill and Brand then take-off running through a series of hallways as Diddy follows behind screaming. He tells them to go back to L.A. and claims: "You can't outrun me. I'm black." While not the funniest thing we've seen this week, it is pretty good to see Diddy chasing a couple of goons with the '80s classic 'Come on Eileen' blaring in the background.

'Get Him to the Greek' hits theaters on June 4 and Diddy's newest musical opus 'Last Train to Paris' drops on June 22.