Puff Daddy and Pharrell are kickin' it old school style at a basement party in the visual for the Bad Boy leader's new song "Finna Get Loose."

By the looks of it, Puffy brought his entire family along for the fun. The video bridges together the four widely-accepted elements of hip hop culture: MCing, DJing, graffiti and breakdancing to match the funky James Brown-inspired track, which appears on the No Way Out II LP.

To continue with the old school theme, Puff Daddy, who has once again dropped his Diddy moniker, dons a black bucket hat and does the wop.

The entire video is shot in black-and-white with a burst of color every so often, which comes courtesy of a bright graffiti wall behind Puff and Pharrell.

At one point in front of the blue, red, yellow and white wall, Puff throws on a jacket that labels him the "King of New York." Pharrell even points out who's on top. "I only like hits, since P.E. man the culture don't miss / You see this black fist / Come number one like the old Limp Biz," he rhymes.

Dancers are all up in the video too, showing off moves like the original Harlem Shake.

As the bumpin' party gets underway, the man formerly known as Diddy takes turns rapping with the Neptunes leader.

Check out Puff Daddy and Pharrell get loose above.

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