Diddy and Jennifer Lopez

Remember the storied romance between Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jennifer Lopez? Well, it seems like some people can never let these things rest. The New York Post is reporting that Diddy will potentially get called to the stand in a case surrounding a sex tape between J.Lo and Ojani Noa, her ex-husband from a marriage severed in 1997. The connection to Puff seems pretty flimsy and nonsensical, though.

This is how it works out: Noa allegedly has a tape of J.Lo doing some vaguely naughty things and Lopez is suing to block the video's release because it's of a personal and private nature. Therefore, Ed Meyer, Noa's business manager, wants to bring Diddy to court and question him on another rumored tape that was filmed while he was with Lopez. If he can prove (and somehow publicize) a tape between J.Lo and Puff exists, then ... I guess, everyone is embarrassed?

"We will ask: Is there a sex tape between [him] and Lopez and what does it involve?" explained Meyer to the Post. "Ojani's footage is not a sex tape. In addition to kissing women, there are points where she's lap dancing Ojani [and others]. All with her clothes on. We're trying to establish that it's not a sex tape and therefore usable in Ojani's movie."

So, let's get this straight. J.Lo is suing to block a sex tape that her ex claims isn't a sex tape at all and Diddy is being asked to testify about his relationship with Lopez for no real reason whatsoever? According to the Post, a source close to J.Lo responded that: "Meyer will say anything for publicity." We're inclined to agree.