This week, Diddy would like you to call him Swag. The entertainment mogul, who has gone through several name changes throughout this career -- including, Puff Daddy and P. Diddy -- had the brilliant idea to don a new moniker, for the week.

In typical Diddy style, a YouTube video was shot to accompany this new announcement. Taking a break from watching a basketball game with a group of friends, Diddy explained that during his time spent recovering from a fever last week, he decided on the temporary name change.

"I've decided that I'm gonna change my name for a week, in honor of my comeback," he said, listing the array of names he's gone through since working in the music industry. "For this week only, you call me by my new name Swag. My new name is Swag."

Diddy, never one to waste time, has already launched a new Twitter account under the alias "@iamswag" and has amassed over 8,000 followers. Also of note, is that @iamswag currently follows less than 10 people, one of which obviously includes the real @iamdiddy.

Watch Diddy Get His "Swag" On