Diddy and Cassie have been rumored to be dating since the two were spotted cuddling in Central Park last year, but have yet to go public with their alleged romance. The two appeared in a video together for the singer's single 'Must Be Love,' and have maintained a flirtatious Twitter correspondence ever since.

Recently, Cassie went out of town to attend a family member's wedding and Diddy tweeted "Listening to Alexander O'Neal 'Sunshine' missing her!!!" Half an hour later, Cassie wrote "I miss him, wish he was with me."

Upon her return, Cassie posted the following tweet, "Finaly home..loooong day, but great! Eating a turkey sandwich and just finished watching 'Entourage.' I love Sunday night."

Diddy appeared to be on the same wavelength/room, posting a suggestive tweet of his own, in apparant response; "Personal question. What food do you crave after great sex? .....I crave a turkey sandwich. Why is that?"

The two seem to be having fun hinting at their affair, and clearly want everyone to know about it, but why haven't they made it public yet? Is the relationship real or just for the press? Check his Twitter here and hers here, then let us know what you think.