Diddy Sean "Diddy" Combs made two guest appearances on the Home Shopping Network this week that proved to be record breaking. While visiting the show on Monday (Nov. 30) and Tuesday (Dec.1) the hip-hop mogul presented items from his Sean Jean fragrance line and introduced his new women's fragrance, Empress, which is the counterpart to his I Am King cologne.

"I have a very sensitive nose. I don't like things to be overbearing and this is not that type of fragrance," Combs told female viewers about Empress. "It's a very clean scent, a very sensual, [and] seductive sent. It's the type of scent you want to get up close and personal with."

According to The Home Shopping Network, Diddy set a new sales record when selling out his entire scent collection. Diddy sold 2,600 units of the I Am King Classic Gift Set within 16 minutes following his appearance. He sold 2,000 units of the Unforgivable Gift Set for Women within 14 minutes and 1,000 units of the Unforgivable Gift Set for Men within ten minutes. Ranging between $58 to $78 in price, the mogul lived up to his name selling a total of 5,600 units, approximately pocketing more than $300,000 in sales. The bonus Sean John signature bag and exclusive bathrobe included with the holiday set purchase must have been the hook and sinker.

"I wish I could just jump through the screen and give you a hug, girl," Diddy told a female caller. "I want to thank you for buying." You can watch Diddy work his magic in the video below.