Diddy will be honored with the Player's Lifetime Achievement Award at the 33rd annual Players Ball, this Saturday, Dec. 4, in Los Angeles.

Held on the West Coast for the first time in its 33 year history, the Players Ball 2010 will also serve as the "birthday bash" for legendary pimp and Snoop Dogg spiritual advisor Bishop Don "Magic" Juan, and features the DJ debut of the Doggfather himself. Too Short will perform too. In addition to honoring Diddy, the Player of the Year awards will also celebrate the Pimp of the Year, Pimp Jo Jo, and Hardest Working Player of the Year, Snoop Dogg, whose Serious Pimp Enterprises clothing and sunglasses company will be sponsoring the event.

"Snoop Dogg is inviting all of Hollywood's elite to party with Bishop Don Magic Juan on his birthday and celebrate the Serious Pimp swagger, attitude and lifestyle," revealed Serious Pimp Founder Damian Kutzner. "This will be Snoop Dogg's first time as a DJ, so we're sure the Players Ball will be a huge success this year in the glamorous heart of Tinsel Town.

The event takes place at Hollywood's Marbella. Tickets/more information available here.

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