Did you know Diddy's favorite TV show is "Downton Abbey"?

The hip-hop mogul is an avid fan of the British period drama. So much so that he weaseled his way into a role on the show, sort of.

On Wednesday (May 14), Diddy took to Twitter to spill the beans on his new "role" as a cast member. "Another shot of me in action from the set of Downton Abbey-cant wait to share the preview tonight!... http://instagram.com/p/ZWeT78plyp/," he wrote.

The news spread like wild fire around the web, with outlets reporting that the Bad Boy Records head honcho would indeed star on "Downton Abbey." However, it turned out to be a big joke. His part on the series actually was a parody he filmed with Funny or Die as a result of the first black actor being added to the cast.

Diddy wanted to actually be that new black cast member so he created his own version of what the show would be like with him included. Welcome Lord Wilcott, the "new owner of Downton Abbey." There's Ciroc libations, an all-white party (how fitting), fancy cake and even a weird encounter with a male admirer. "I'm Lord Wilcott, and I love everybody," he exclaims.

Watch Diddy get Abbey-ified below.