In a tweet on Tuesday, Diddy revealed that his personal dream was to "star in a movie in the next 20 months" and have everyone come see it. Well, that dream is now way closer to reality. Variety reports that Diddy signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). CAA remains one of the biggest talent representation agencies in the world and has far-reaching capabilities in the Hollywood movie world as well as television and sports -- two other areas where Diddy has shown a strong interest in expanding.

"Get Him to the Greek' was a huge breakthrough for me as an actor," he said, referencing his substantial part in last year's Judd Apatow comedy. "I think it made people start to take me seriously. I'm so blessed. I'm so ready."

The CEO and founder of Bad Boy entertainment has certainly had no problems expanding his own image and businesses throughout the years. The BoomBox recently reported that Bad Boy is one of the largest minority-owned companies in New York and Combs has been raking in cash for years from lucrative licensing deals, clothing, vodka and many other ventures. Diddy is also keeping busy on the music front. He released a Valentine's Day mixtape with his Dirty Money crew titled 'LoveLOVE Vs. HateLOVE.'

Movies are hard to break into, though. As part of the contact, Diddy will now be represented through CAA with management from Peter Safran and the law firm Grubman, Indursky and Schindler. Look for more of him on the silver screen soon enough.

Watch Diddy-Dirty Money's 'Someone to Love Me'
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