After an appearance on 'Saturday Night Live' and in the midst of a gigantic marketing campaign for his upcoming 'Last Train to Paris,' Diddy has been called out by two breast cancer non-profits for pocketing money from a Long Island club fundraiser last month. The organizations say that Diddy hosted the event and received a five-figure appearance fee that was actually supposed to benefit local causes such as the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation and 1 in 9: The Long Island Breast Cancer Action Coalition.

"We never got a penny," said Carolyn Spector, director of the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Foundation. "Nothing was written down, but we were told we would get part of the take. The terminology was 'proceeds from the event.'"

Although there was never a deal in writing, another staffer called the snafu embarrassing. "People say, 'How much did you raise for your programs?' And we say, 'We haven't seen anything yet,'" explained an anonymous employee for 1 in 9. In his defense, Diddy was offered a fee for an appearance at a nightclub. He had no obligation to give part of his specific fee to a charity. If the club promised profits to charities, then that's where fingers should be pointed.

"I didn't know what the [club] owner promised -- that had nothing to do with me," he clarified to the NY Post. "I had no information about the charity. When the event was booked, it was just for an appearance. I agreed to let him add the charity because I thought it was a good idea."

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