This past Sunday (Oct. 23), Drake rocked the hip hop world after he unleashed four new tracks, including his scathing record, "Two Birds One Stone." Once again, Drake exuded the skills he's touted for and fearlessly threw darts at Pusha T and Kid Cudi. While people are clamoring for a Drake Vs. Pusha battle, many weren't pleased with the "6 God's" diss towards Cudi.

"You were the man on the moon, now you go through your phases,” raps Drake on the track. If you recall, Cudi threw shots at Drake and Kanye back in September, saying that he wasn't afraid of either rapper. “My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever. These n---as dont give a f--- about me. And they aint f---in with me,” he said last month.

Both Drake and 'Ye scolded the Man on the Moon rapper, with the latter electing to pay homage after his initial diss. As for Drake, despite Cudi admitting his struggle with mental issues and choosing to go to rehab to deal with his problems, Drizzy didn't showcase any signs of remorse. Cudi's mental state has been well-documented. For Drake to choose now of all times to attack his mental health seems a bit harsh. (Cudi has admitted to having suicidal thoughts and suffers from depression).

On the flip side, let's be mindful of Drake's approach. He probably recorded the track right after Cudi's tweets and simply held onto the record. In addition, what people have to understand is that this is hip hop. Trouncing your opponent while he's down is what used to make the game beautiful. Rap is a blood sport. Let's be serious here, Drake's line is nowhere as crushing as Tupac's "Hit 'Em Up," Jay Z's "Takeover," or Nas's "Ether."

Drake might be the one brother who likes to croon and swoon his way into your lady's heart, but at least he's willing to shoot back when targeted. We often disrespect Drizzy for not being an aggressor, but then, we chastise him for defending himself. Cudi probably wouldn't have gotten dissed, if he never called out Drake in the first place. So can we really blame Drizzy for one dicey line?

With that being said, did Drake cross the line with his stab at Cudi? Or is hip hop being too soft?

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