Former Crime Mob member Diamond ran into a little trouble Thursday (Oct. 28) when her car was repossessed while she was at a video shoot. The pint-sized femcee stopped by the set of a video shoot for Young Money rapper Lil Chuckee when her brand new yellow Chevrolet Camaro was abruptly towed away by a repo company, amid a huge crowd of onlookers.

After unsuccessfully attempting to explain to the repo man that the car is brand new, and therefore not a financial liability on her part, Diamond is later forced to open the vehicle to get out her belongings before it is taken away. "She'll get her car back tomorrow," the tow truck driver told two men, who appear to be involved in the shoot, before driving away with the sports car. Luckily she also had a white Camaro at the shoot, and had no trouble getting back home.

Beating the media to the punch, Diamond took to her Twitter page to break the news, explaining once again that the car was brand new, and that she may be the victim of a fraudulent sale. "Sooooo tell me y I bought dis 2 brand new 2010 camero!!! And theze f---as repo my car aint dat a bitch!!! #ISMELLFRAUD HAhAHA damn," she wrote. "I just bout dat s--- SON!!! LEAST I GOT DA WHITE ONE. UP HERE TwO TO RIDE IN!! LoL." She also posted a picture of her receipt proving that that car was purchased 10 days earlier, and promised her Twitter followers that the whole misunderstanding would be cleared up with a video to be posted on the site

These days it doesn't seem like Diamond is having too much luck with cars. As previously reported, she was involved in a car accident earlier this month, totaling her brand new Porsche. At this point she may want to look into riding the bus.