It looks like former Crime Mob member Diamond, is the latest rapper to get a tattoo on her face. The Atlanta native debuted her newest ink -- a bullet -- located between her ear and cheek.

"IN LIFE: You only get ONE SHOT!!!!!! Remember dat!" she tweeted, alongside the photo.

After some banter surrounding whether or not the tattoo was merely a publicity stunt, the femcee tweeted a playful response to the non-believers. "Okay let's have a lil fun now... If you think diamonds tattoo is REAL press 1 ! If u think its FAKE press 2 ! I love controversy!" Realizing the tattoo would land her loads of press, Diamond decided to use the new found attention to plug the video for the next single off her 'Cocaine Waitress' mixtape. "Now that I have everyones Attention I will b dropping my 2nd video "honeyBun" off of "COCAINE WAITRESS" March28th !!! Tell a friend." She also posted a link to her latest single 'Red Lipstick.'

Even though the tattoo is seemingly ridiculous, luckily for her she can easily cover it with her hair. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Gucci Mane, who recently tatted a huge ice cream cone on his face. Not to be outdone, rapper Yung L.A. also jumped in the face tattoo race, inking a duck on the side of his face, which was later covered by an L.A. Dodgers symbol.

Despite landing a record deal with Batter Records last year, Diamond has run into some bad luck as of late. Last October she totaled her brand new Porsche while driving on an Atlanta highway, and had her car repossessed during a video shoot, all in the same month.

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