In a recent interview with the Daily Star, Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland, hinted that the group's "destiny" may not have been completely "fulfilled" as suggested in 2005, when the R&B trio parted ways. "This current spate of reunions has given us ideas. Despite what people say we are all still really close," Rowland said.

Referring to the Spice Girls, Rowland admits to gaining inspiration for a comeback after seeing the British pop-group band together again. "It's so cool [they] are back together. I loved them," the singer gushes.

But the real motivation for the possible DC reunion might have been sparked by leading lady Beyonce Knowles, who asked her former bandmates to join her onstage during a recent performance.

"A couple of weeks ago Beyonce did a show in Los Angeles and asked me and Michelle [Williams] to join her on stage to sing 'Survivor.' The emotion was incredible and it felt so good to be back up there with the girls again," Rowland said. "It was a real tear-jerker. The fans were crying and going nuts. It was magical. I'd definitely like us to do more stuff like that."

In the meantime, DC fans can check out Rowland on NBC's new reality show, 'Clash of the Choirs,' while Beyonce prepares to rock Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Events Center on December 30. Williams is currently playing Shug Avery in the touring adaptation of 'The Color Purple.'