Desiigner is officially in the clear. The final charge against the rapper for possession has been dismissed, according to TMZ.

The D.A. moved to seal the case and dismiss the charge Tuesday (Nov. 29)  in court. All of the charges stemming from Desiigner's September arrest have also been dropped. When he was arrested in New York following a road rage incident back in September, bags of steroids found in Desiigner’s SUV, however the drugs were ultimately linked to the driver who was chauffeuring the 19 year-old rapper. Desiigner was initially charged with intent to sell, menacing and possession of a loaded gun, however, investigators never found a weapon.

Desiigner wasn't in court but his lawyers say they're happy to put the entire incident behind them so the rapper can remain focused on music. Desiigner recently released a video at the end of October, "Zombie Walk" to get folks in the mood for Halloween, which appeared on his latest mixtape New English.


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