Desiigner has one of the hottest songs in the rap game right now. It’s so hot that it makes him puke. Seriously. While the Brooklyn rhymer was performing his hit single “Panda” at a concert gig, he threw up onstage. And it was all caught on video.

It all happened at the Emporium nightclub in Long Island, N.Y., where the 18-year-old rapper was performing a show. The newly-signed G.O.O.D. Music artist hurls his T-shirt in the elated crowd before rapping his song “Panda” for them. As he begins to recite his lyrics, Desiigner shockingly blows chunks all over the stage.

Like a trooper, he continues to perform his song as if it was nothing. We have to give props to the guy who was standing next to him when he puke. The brave man didn’t even flinch when Desiigner threw up onstage. We also feel bad for anyone who was standing in the front row.

You can watch Desiigner’s sick performance above. See what we did there?

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