Desiigner may have broads in Atlanta but for right now, he’s on the hunt for Pikachus. The “Panda” rapper revealed to GQ magazine his latest video game addiction, Pokémon Go.

For those of you sleeping under a rock, Pokémon Go is sweeping the nation. It’s a fun mobile game that combines augmented reality, social media and video game nostalgia as users track and capture as many Snorlaxes or Voltorbs they can find. The surprise hit game is highly addictive but it can also be dangerous if you are not paying attention to your surroundings.

In the GQ video (watch above), the 19-year-old Brooklyn native is going ham as he runs through Central Park in New York playing the game and screaming out his signature ad libs when he catches a pikachu. At one point, he almost gets hit by a city bus while slinging Poké Balls.

He also meets several of his fans along the way who are just as shock to see the in-demand rapper playing the game as well.

Aside from playing Pokémon Go, Desiigner also just released “Timmy Turner,” a haunting follow-up to his energetic banger, “Panda.” The rapper is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming debut effort, The Life of Desiigner, which has no release date. You can also check out his mixtape called New English at Tidal.

Watch Desiigner go bonkers for Pokémon Go above.