Delicious Vinyl founder Mike Ross had an idea: Why not take old school classics and have today's DJ's remix them? "The time is right for new artists and producers to take a shot at these classic tracks," Ross told the BoomBox.

Such producers as Eminem, Diplo, Hot Chip, and Peaches have remixed classics by the Pharcyde, Masta Ace and Young MC for the album, which is currently available online and will be released physically on August 11. Some singles have already been pressed and are available now.

Ross said he wasn't interested in re-molding any of the songs to fit into the mold of today's hits. "I wanted to make alternative versions," he said. "I did not want to make dance tracks."

Ross hinted at the current trend in hip-hop in incorporate "electro-minimal" and disco beats into the songs. He described one remix --Fatlip's take on "Passing me By" by Pharcyde, a group he used to be in, as an example of how the songs are being re-imagined artistically and not for purely commercial ends.

"It's almost like a religious hymn, they stripped it down to bare vocals," Ross said. "It's like a church choir anthem."

The remix album also marks the 20th anniversary of Delicious Vinyl. To celebrate the history of the label there will also be a bunch of tour dates with the DJ's, most likely in the fall, Ross said.

They already have enough mixes for a second volume. "We'll probably do one of these a year," Ross confirmed.