With Def Loaf's sing-songy cut 'Try Me' burning up the Internet and the clubs, cementing her as rap's newest female face, it was just a matter of time before the remixes flooded in -- Lil Durk, Wiz Khalifa and the Lox have unofficially jumped on the track.

Now Loaf delivers the official remix and she taps Remy Ma and Ty Dolla $ign to help out. The Detroit rapper spits first and just like the original, she fills her verse with harsh, visual tough-talk.

"Leave a n---- swimming have your funeral in that ocean / They say Dej got that juice, yeah I got that potion / Well I keep the nine on me, so play crazy, it's fine with me," she warns on the DDS-produced track.

Ty follows and contributes his usual gruff delivery, which is a nice contrast compared to Dej's light vocals. Remy closes out the song strong and borrows Dej's singing cadence to relay her menacing threats.

"I send you to the doctor with a revolver / Hit the passenger then hit the driver / I move like a monster, you chicks is funny / can make you do a Siamese, s--- get ugly," she raps. "I lay a n---- down if he try to rob me  / I put that on Pun, that's word to papi," she spits.

Last week, news hit that the Detroit rapper inked a deal with Columbia Records. The 22-year-old first came to prominence when 'Try Me' went viral just a few months ago, and was quickly championed by artists like Drake and Wiz Khalifa.

Keeping her momentum going, Def releases her new mixtape, 'Sell Sole,' today. The 13-track effort features the Birdman and Young Thug-assisted 'Blood,' the trance-inducing 'Me U & Hennessy' and 'Bird Call,' which just received the video treatment.

Listen to Dej Loaf's 'Try Me' Remix Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Remy Ma

Listen to Dej Loaf's 'Sell Sole' Mixtape