Dej Loaf's catchy but venomous 'Try Me' is a hit. So naturally, the Detroit rhymer is immediately following up with new material. She reuses the 'Try Me' formula -- a hypnotic sonic backdrop with felonious taunts -- in 'Bird Call.'

The video features Dej Loaf in some heart-shaped shades, but again, she doesn't have too much love to share. She wants to be there to care for her unborn, but there's one problem in the way: there are too many haters. Therefore weapons need to be discharged and bodies need to be dropped.

"Time to wet these p---ies up, big dog to these cats/ All I know is statin' facts," she raps.

The flower-scented threats should be continuing in the next few weeks with the buzz surrounding Dej Loaf's signing to Columbia Records.

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