Conrad MurrayDr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, appears creepier and creepier as time goes on, and TMZ has learned about how his attorneys will present a defense in the upcoming trial surrounding Jackson's death last June. Murray is essentially claiming that while he administered Propofol, a powerful narcotic, to Jackson, it was MJ himself who added to the dosage and ended up killing himself.

According to the defense, at 10:50AM, Murray gave Jackson 25mg of Propofol (about 1/8 of a bottle), which mixed with Ativan and Versed in his system and put him into a prolonged sleep. Murray apparently stayed in the room with MJ and made phone calls for about an hour before leaving the entertainer's bedside around noon to go to the bathroom. Murray alleges he was gone for all of two minutes and, in that time, Jackson polished off the remaining 7/8 of the Propofol bottle through an IV, causing an extreme overdose and immediately stopping his heart.

According to TMZ, the defense will try to prove that Michael Jackson was a longtime drug addict and had a particular proclivity for taking Propofol through an IV. It's been widely reported that L.A. County coroner investigators photographed the empty bottle on the floor, so the defense will say that Jackson woke, injected himself and dropped the bottle as he passed out. They claim that if Murray was trying to obstruct evidence, he would have removed the bottle altogether.