Wondaland duo Deep Cotton perform "Let's Get Caught" featuring Jidenna during the Eephus Tour in New York City.

Showcasing his high-pitched vocals, singer Nate “Rocket” Wonder isn't afraid to get wild as he rocks a lion's fur over his bare chest and white pants. And as he gyrates around the stage with his mic stand, his long dreads went with him.

On the other side, group member Chuck Lightning kept it simple in all white and a few necklaces as his baritone voice took over for the bridge. "Let's get caught uptown / Upside down, downtown," he sings as the duo do a synchronized two-step.

It isn't long before Wondaland's other biggest star, Jidenna, joins them to contribute to the live performance. The "Classic Man" matched the fashion theme, dressing head-to-toe in a white suit as he swagged out on stage. The Nigerian singer also shows off his fancy footwork.

The chemistry is certainly real between the artists, which is likely due to the fact that before the two were Deep Cotton, they were roommates at Morehouse College. It was there that Wonder and Lightning joined forces in a competition to "out-crazy" each other.

And after 13 years making music together, the two toured seven cities including Washington, D.C., New York and Atlanta as artists on Janelle Monae's Wondaland label for the Eephus Tour over the summer.

Check out their fun performance above.