The extensive music catalog from Death Row Records is to be auctioned off next week. According to reports, unreleased songs by rapper Snoop Dogg as well as the late Tupac Shakur are up for grabs as of January 15.

Former owner Marion "Suge" Knight filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2006 but his reputation may hinder bidders interest in the music. "Some people don't want to go near the catalog because they think Suge still believes it's his," said an unnamed source in a recent interview. It is also believed that tough economic times may decrease the company's previous selling price of $25 million.

Authorities have unsuccessfully attempted to put the catalog up for sale more than once. Knight was recently accused of hiding music from Global Music Group, the label that tried to purchase Death last year.

Knight has also fallen on tough financial times. The former mogul's Malibu, Calif. mansion was auctioned off last month for $4.5 million dollars, which is about $2 million below its estimated value.